about ssca

Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates, Inc. is a behavioral science consulting firm whose core business is to increase personal and organizational productivity by developing leadership excellence. Our expertise in both behavioral science and business management assists organizations and their leaders through consulting, coaching and training. We help our clients address the critical "people" issues that powerfully influence success or failure. Since our founding in 1976, Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates has helped companies of all types - major corporations, entrepreneurial start-ups, professional services firms and non-profit organizations - enhance effectiveness and improve financial performance.

We are often retained by organizations undergoing major change and-or upheaval due to accelerated market growth, new marketplace opportunities, transitions in leadership, mergers and acquisitions or launching a new business. Adapting to change and confronting the attendant challenges can create enormous stress for all involved. Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates works with clients to turn such challenges into opportunities.

Our approach is thoroughly grounded in research. We combine systematic analysis with intuitive skills to diagnose both existing and potential problems. Our investigations are not limited to analyzing the symptoms; we probe to identify the underlying causes of problems. At Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates, our overriding purpose is to help individuals and organizations transform in order to overcome challenges, accomplish goals and achieve personal and professional satisfaction.

"Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world"
- Archimedes, Third Century B.C.