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Behind the Public Mask – Selecting, Assessing, and Retaining the Right People


What is the cost to your organization of hiring the wrong person? Can we increase the probability of success of hiring the right person?


Our new workshop – “Behind the Public Mask” takes a bottom-up approach to assessing and selecting the right person for the job.


Participants will:

· Learn how to take a comprehensive approach to identifying the necessary competencies that the job requires for success both in the on-boarding process and in the later performance of job roles.

· Create a profile that will be translated into a template for designing and interpreting questions.

· Learn how to create an environment for effectively assessing a candidate for success within a particular position and establishing rapport.

· Learn a more artful and effective set of skills in interviewing and assessing talent.

· Learn to on-board; increase clarity of role, responsibilities and expectations.

· Increase the ramp up time in the new position.

· Increase the hit rate of attracting and retaining the right talent.


Length of the Program: 2 Days

Tuition: $1495

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