about ssca
Our deep knowledge of the behavioral sciences and over thirty years of experience allow us to tailor our workshops and coaching sessions to meet the needs of our clients. We utilize a variety of assessment instruments to analyze organizational culture and individual characteristics.


Leadership Workshops
SSCA workshops are not your average executive training courses. Fast paced, relevant, insightful and based on highly regarded research, our workshops will give you the concrete tools to be a more effective leader.

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We work directly with you to make you more effective at motivating and communicating with your employees. The ultimate goal is to create a higher performing and more profitable organization.
Executive Placement Screening
An executive's fit within the culture of an organization and ability to work with other members of a leadership team are often more important than that person's technical competence. Using our research based assessment instruments and years of experience, our placement screening abilities have become a valuable tool for many clients.
Assessment Instruments
Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates, Inc. utilizes a number of assessment instruments to increase the effectiveness of our training and coaching programs.