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  1. LPMA Workshop Audio Review

    The Technology of Leadership: An LPMA Workshop Audio Review   This audio series is a complement to the workshop Leadership Process: Motivating Achievement (LPMA). After a 3.5 day workshop, the volume of new information can be overwhelming . The audio series is designed to reinforce your learning experience, and more importantly, assist in applying them
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  2. Books

    Our clients frequently ask us for reading recommendations. For years our response has been, “What area are you interested in?” We think this may still be the best approach to narrow your list, but at you urging we have listed many of the books that have contributed to how we think about our field. The
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  3. 5 Mistakes Leaders Make – and 5 Solutions

    By Stephanie Au At SSCA we believe in “conscious leadership.” It is about being mindful and aware of the impact you want to have and then selecting the behavior that would elicit the results you are looking for. This is in essence the solution to overcome the five common mistakes leaders make that have been
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