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  1. 5 Mistakes Leaders Make – and 5 Solutions

    By Stephanie Au At SSCA we believe in “conscious leadership.” It is about being mindful and aware of the impact you want to have and then selecting the behavior that would elicit the results you are looking for. This is in essence the solution to overcome the five common mistakes leaders make that have been
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  2. Post-Mortems – Are you sure you want to engage – can you afford not to?

    By Tom Shenk Why are they so important? What is the bottom-line? The answer – if a post-mortem is conducted well it allows for: a. An organization to capture important learning from goal directed activity that supports an “achievement aroused organization climate.” For an organization to operate at a high standard of performance it must
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  3. The History of the Process Communication Model in Astronaut Selection

    By Scott Spencer The process of selecting an astronaut is no easy task. The people who select the astronauts are choosing from the best of the best, physically and mentally. There are many factors that go into picking an astronaut besides the physical testing and background checks. One example of this is a little known
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