Trusted for 35+ Years.

Our Team

The SSCA partner group has deep experience helping individuals and organizations achieve optimal performance.


Bradford F. Spencer, Ph.D. | Founder and PresidentBradford F. Spencer, Ph.D.
Founder and President

Respected advisor to senior business leaders and renowned facilitator.

Thomas M. Shenk | PartnerThomas M. Shenk

Accomplished seminar leader, executive coach and facilitator.

Susan Peirce | ConsultantSusan Peirce

Superior trainer and advisor with expertise in job competency assessment and selection.

Daniel Collett | PartnerDaniel Collett

Acclaimed speaker and coach on leadership development, team building and change processes.

Tom Coble | Partner EmeritusTom Coble
Partner Emeritus

Expert trainer and coach on organizational effectiveness and leadership development.

Stephanie Tran | ConsultantStephanie Tran

Dynamic achiever of organizational results through training and coaching people to be their personal best.

Shaun Dyke | ConsultantShaun Dyke

Passionate Trainer with background to coach and create high performance leaders from a diverse range of audiences to create value and incite inspiration.

Shaun Dyke | Consultant
Anna Baldwin

Anna Baldwin is an award winning Operations Strategist with 20-plus years of professional experience.