Benefit from our partnerships.

Strategic Network

SSCA maintains a Strategic Network consisting of seasoned professionals in related fields. The Network allows referrals of qualified experts that compliment the targeted focus of professional services offered by SSCA.

This creates grounds which allow us the benefit of referring individuals and firms who own our complete confidence. Requests for competent professionals in various locations are frequently made and periodically we need to augment our staff for a large contract.

In turn, our Strategic Network refers us, without reservation, to their loyal clients for our expertise and specialized training. In each case, we have firsthand experience with the work of these individuals, as their familiarity with our models provide a foundation for seamless client interaction.

SSCA is a “narrow line” firm. That is, we limit our involvement to areas where we have deep expertise and experience. We have formed several strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations whose work complements and even overlaps with ours. They share our passion for a research based approach and we don’t hesitate to refer our clients directly to them when their expertise is called for.

Kahler Communications is an international training and development corporation specializing in interpersonal communications. All Kahler Communications courses are based on Dr. Taibi Kahler’s powerful Process Communication Model. This model comes from his clinical work and has been adapted by SSCA, under license to Dr. Kahler, as a business communication process.

Corporate Development Group (CDG), founded by Dr. William Schneider, is the thought leader in the modeling of Corporate Culture. Dr. Schneider’s work is best known for taking the amorphous concept of Culture and tying it to specific behavior patterns and distinctly different approaches in the four core cultures he has defined. They are experts on the measured alignment of strategy, culture and leadership.

Interchange International, Inc. was founded by Mary Ann Salerno and Lillie R. Brock. Their work has evolved into a profound model of change which is unique in its recognition of the impact of brain functioning. They have translated the natural progression of change through the brain into six specific “stages”. SSCA, under license to Interchange International, has designed a unique approach to training and consulting with this model. The specificity and “how-to’s” of this approach have made it extremely useful as a tool for leaders whose job is to create change without creating chaos.

Mark Bryan and Company. A prolific writer, Mark Bryan has published numerous books, including The Artist’s Way and The Artist’s Way at Work, with over two million copies sold. An expert on the creative process, Mark works with many of the world’s leading companies to inspire creativity and develop programs to systemically change internal innovation.

Abbott Smith Associates Worldwide, Ltd. was one of the first specialists in recruiting Human Resources, Organization Development and Change Management professionals. Many of our clients have had a positive experience with Abbott Smith in this niche. Their extensive network and knowledge drastically reduces the lead time required for searches in this area.

Christofolo/Schermer LLC is a business/management consulting firm founded by Rosemarie Christofolo and Beth Schermer, both nationally recognized lawyers. Throughout their legal careers, Ms. Christofolo and Ms. Schermer counseled clients on a wide variety of business and legal matters with specialties in intellectual property and health care, respectively. They found their passion led them to helping solve the real business issues that went beyond the legal matters they were retained to address. Their decades of experience in running organizations themselves as well as being trusted advisors to entrepreneurs and corporate executives gives them unique insight into the challenges and “how-to’s” of effective leadership and communication. Their experience highlights the critical importance of turning well thought out plans into targeted action with measurable results. They know from personal experience what works and what doesn’t. At Christofolo//Schermer, they keep the focus simple: training, coaching and consulting that offer clients practical, proven resources for driving business results.

Mike Haynes and Associates – Mike Haynes is a thought leader, educator, entrepreneur, and advocate for health and wellness issues. Yet, Haynes is most noted for his professional football career in the National Football League (“NFL”) where he has been recognized as one of the top 50 NFL players of all time. He played 14 seasons (split evenly between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Raiders) and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1997. More recently, however, Haynes is receiving awards for his accomplishments off the field.
He returned to the NFL in 2002 where he assembled an impressive team that broke barriers and brought about meaningful improvements and change to help players cope with transition into and out of the NFL.

Haynes has received numerous honors by following his passion to make a positive contribution in the world.

After a bout with prostate cancer in 2009 Haynes began to envision an economic business model that connected like-minded people and/or organizations to achieve meaningful and sustainable solutions in the health and wellness sector from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Haynes earned his degree in Finance from Arizona State University and Executive Education Program honors in Business from the University of San Diego, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg and Harvard Business School.

Jim Roncevich has over 17 years of leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies where he’s led and designed national team training programs. He earned his MBA from The Ohio State University and is a passionate leadership development, accountability and innovation leader. In the community, he’s involved in executive initiatives at Project C.U.R.E. and the national Branch Rickey Award.

Jane Chin, Ph.D. has significant experience in Health Care and leads our global initiatives with Health Care in the Sports industry for Play It Forward Solutions. She has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry (Oncology) and authored Practical Leadership for Biopharmaceutical Executives and many articles in peer-reviewed journals and trade magazines in the Health Care industry. Her pharmaceutical industry functional experience spans research and development (R&D), field sales, and medical affairs. Dr. Chin is founder of Medical Science Liaison Institute and founding publisher of MSL Quarterly, a management journal for field-based medical science liaisons and creator of niche job board. For her contribution in the field of MSLs, Dr. Chin was named one of 100 Most Inspiring People in Life Science by readers of PharmaVoice magazine in 2006.

Izabela Lundberg has extensive knowledge in global business management in multi-cultural and multi-lingual settings, especially in the Health Care industry while focusing on Leadership and Organizational Development. She’s an accomplished public speaker, facilitator and trainer focused on the Health Care and Sports markets. In the global community, she is known as an Artist, Humanitarian, and Agent of Positive Social Impact. Izabela is a member of American Society of Training and Development and involved in the Branch Rickey Award executive initiatives.

Keith Lee has created, developed and led numerous training programs, including those for the NCAA. He’s a valuable member of our team and will focus on understanding your organization’s unique developmental needs, and to design a customized program that helps you achieve your learning and personal objectives. After his career as a college quarterback, Keith played six years in the NFL. He has shared his perspective and insight throughout the country and has made numerous appearances on ESPN, ABC Nightly News and Nightline.