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What is the definition of Culture? Our definition: Culture is “the way we behave around here in order to succeed.” Research completed by Kotter and Heskett’s found the single most important long-term predictor of organization performance is culture strength, or as Dr. William Schneider puts it, a “strong core culture.”

Dr. William Schneider has developed a model specifically defining four cultures. They are a set of shared beliefs, expectations and assumptions that influence and guide the thinking and behavior of an organization’s members. It is a leader’s responsibility to identify the value discipline of an organization’s marketplace. When this is clear, it will define the aligned Culture, which then puts in motion the leadership style needed to accelerate goal attainment.

SSCA has designed a workshop that allows leaders to ask and answer the following questions:

  • Is my organization “focused” – does it have a clear core strategy?
  • Is my organization “aligned” – are strategy, culture and leadership style logical and consistent with one another?
  • Is my organization “integrated” – are processes, operations and systems consistent with the core Culture?
  • Is my organization “balanced” and “complete” – practicing principles of the other three cultures to the appropriate threshold?
  • What leadership practices are required to allow for appropriate decision making, given the organization’s core Culture?
  • Have your “sub-cultures” learned to speak in the language of the core?

If you are unclear about the answers to these questions, it is likely your organization is operating at a sub-optimal level. We invite you to join us in a workshop of profound discovery.

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