Motivating Achievement.


Leadership Process:
Motivating Achievement

The best leaders in today’s ever changing business climate do more than manage — they create and lead organizations where people are extraordinarily focused, excited about their jobs, and poised to accomplish significant and enduring results. This workshop has one and only one aim: to increase your ability to create a highly motivated performance driven workforce.

Who should attend: This results-oriented workshop is for executives and managers looking for real solutions to the highly complex challenge of motivating and leading their workforce. It is based on 40 years of in depth research in the relationship between motivation and organizational performance. Ideal participants are those responsible for developing the people and systems that sustain high levels of individual and organizational performance and recognize the key role that their own leadership is in shaping that performance.

How you will benefit:

  • Understand the elements and conditions that arouse achievement and productivity in individuals and groups.
  • Learn to apply different approaches to leadership, individual motivation and climate variables to enhance economic success and overall productivity.
  • Identify and match your own motives and needs to your job to increase your own performance.

Features of the Program: LPMA is highly interactive in nature. The use of feedback instruments, business simulations, films, and case discussions afford participants both intellectual understanding and a direct experience of the kind of leadership that will best match their organization’s current and future needs. This learning is then integrated into specific plans for leadership and organizational improvement. The LPMA workshop is one of the few programs on motivation and leadership with a large database which statistically validates its success in sales, marketing, production, and R&D organizations. A significant percentage of past course participants have taken notable actions to advance their own careers and improve organizational performance.

Length of the Program: 3 1/2 Days

Cost of the Public Workshop only: $2,245

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