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Assessment Instruments

We utilize a number of assessment instruments and surveys to help you understand how the concepts we teach relate directly to you. In workshops and individual coaching sessions, you can expect to use one or more of the instruments below. All instruments are extensively researched and normed for accuracy. Each is designed to provide you with greater insight and understanding of your unique characteristics and behavior and improve your leadership and communication abilities.

LPMA Instruments

Leadership Behavior Inventory (LBI): Provides assessment of managerial style.

Organization Climate Assessment (OCA): Provides assessment of organizational climate.

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): Determines individual motive profile.

LPMD Instruments

Personality Profile Indicator (Kahler Type Inventory) (KTI): Provides a breakdown of personality characteristics and communication processes.

Assessment Instruments for Fit

CPI-260: Provides assessment of preferred approaches to leader issues.

Myers-Briggs (Form Q): Provides insight into type and temperament with an emphasis on communication patterns.

T-JTA: Provides a view of key personality traits with an opportunity to compare them to the perspective of others.

Firo-B: Provides a look at key needs as they relate to interpersonal dynamics.

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