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Executive Screening

Executive Placement Screening

The management guru Peter Drucker stated in no uncertain terms, “The most important job a manager or an executive has is selection. You hire your heroes and you hire your bums.” Our clients rely on our selection process, including psychological profiling, to increase the probability that they will make great candidate hiring decisions.

For most companies, the executive placement screening process ends once a candidate has been hired. We take a different approach. We give you the tools to use the selection process as the beginning of new hire orientation. Further, our process will decrease the lag-time to optimal productivity.

When we see a candidate, we assume he or she has been pre-screened for their ability to perform the tasks required of that position. We specialize in understanding what drives a particular candidate. The goal is to predict how successful they will be compared to other competent individuals in the role (and in your unique organization). Our profiling expertise provides you with deep insights on each potential new employee.

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Our process speaks to a key value in our business, results driven. This value along with rich research and deep knowledge differentiates SSCA from our clients.

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