The difference between good and great.

Leadership Development

We are often called in by our clients to help overcome a challenge or issue in their organization.


We first identify and help clarify:

The real issue vs. the perceived issue

This means vulnerability is required on both of our parts and the establishment of a Trusted Advisor relationship – our standard of excellence.


Once we have understood the real issue at hand, we then:

  1. Assess the best approach and solution for the issue
  2. Discover and understand the right chemistry between Coach and Coachee

Clearly Defined Outcomes

One element that differentiates SSCA from others is we clearly define what the real outcomes of the work are supposed to be – from minimizing your pain, to getting promoted, to improving company culture in order to achieve your goals.

Meeting Your Coach

You will be introduced to your coach and clearly define what help is added and exactly how it is to be delivered; one on one meetings, phone calls, etc.

SSCA Behavioral Consultants

Trusted For 35+ Years

Our process speaks to a key value in our business, results driven. This value along with rich research and deep knowledge differentiates SSCA from our clients.

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